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FAST LC/MS 2014 Sponsors

Agilent Technologies is a leading provider of sample preparation, chromatography, mass spectrometry, elemental analysis, molecular spectroscopy, and laboratory information systems as well as support services, columns and consumables that enable you to analyze, confirm and quantify substances of interest with confidence while maintaining the most stringent laboratory practices, from sample preparation to final report. Learn more www.agilent.com/chem/food
Whether you’re performing non-targeted screening, targeted analysis, or quantitation, our unparalleled range of innovative solutions can boost your productivity. We offer sample preparation, mass spectrometry, chromatography, elemental analysis, molecular spectroscopy, and laboratory information systems as well as columns and consumables. For more information and helpful resources, visit www.thermoscientific.com/foodandbeverage

Food Safety Magazine is a bimonthly publication resource for food safety/quality professionals worldwide. Issues feature contributions from food industry leaders who discuss essential strategies for applying science-based solutions to assure food safety. Food Safety Magazine also produces Food Safety Connect, an online marketplace for food safety solutions that helps users find products and services. http://www.foodsafetymagazine.com/

Dedicated to improving health for individuals suffering from celiac disease. ImmunogenX, LLC was founded in 2013 and is supported by a team of world renowned scientists and advisors. ImmunogenX was formed to address critical needs for individuals with suspected or diagnosed celiac disease. Our research efforts are focused on disease management and food safety.

For 32 years, LCGC has been the gold standard relied upon by chromatographers for unbiased, nuts-and-bolts technical information with a practical focus. LCGC’s columns and peer-reviewed articles continue to bring readers practical technical advice from respected experts in liquid and gas chromatography, including hyphenated techniques; capillary electrophoresis; supercritical fluid chromatography; and more.

Sigma-Aldrich provides the highest quality solutions to meet your food testing needs. Whether performing ELISA or mass spectrometry (MS), Sigma-Aldrich provides the assay kits, standards, CRMs, proficiency testing (PT) schemes, sample preparation, separation, and analysis products to continue to be your trusted to-go source for confidence and peace of mind. Discover our latest innovations or partner with us for your needs at http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/food.

Waters is a leader in developing food testing systems that integrate analytical standards & reagents, column & sample prep chemistries, separations & mass spectrometry instrumentation and data management software. Waters comprehensive solutions enable food laboratories to identify diverse chemical compounds, meet compliance requirements, decrease operational costs, and increase productivity. http://www.waters.com/.


The “International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry”(IAEAC) is a worldwide operating organization aiming at promoting and maintaining scientific excellence in the area of environmental analytical chemistry and the proper use of the inherent methodologies for the assessment of substances relevant for man and his environment.

Founded in 2000, Technology Networks is established as the leading news provider for life science and drug discovery professionals. In addition, we provide unique content including webcasts, videos, application notes and posters from recent conferences. Our portfolio now includes around 30 focussed scientific communities, all of which are accessible free of charge within TechnologyNetworks.com.

Advion is a leader in MS & synthesis solutions. The expression CMS is a high performance, compact, affordable single quad mass spectrometer. Its compact size allows it to fit in space-limited labs for direct access and immediate results for chemists requiring mass confirmation, reaction monitoring, QC and purity analysis.
Bruker is a leading provider of Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry instruments and solutions for the Analytical Sciences. Our innovative and easy-to-use product families (ESI- QTOF, Ion Trap, FTMS, MALDI-TOF, LC-Triple Quads and GC-Triple Quads) provide the highest performance, ruggedness and value for a wide range of applications in the food, environmental, forensic, industrial, bio/pharmaceutical and life science research markets. http://www.bruker.com/industries/food-agriculture.html
o2si was organized in 1997 with the idea that there was a better way to provide calibration standards to the environmental industry. This better way focused on supplying custom, made to order standards at prices and turnaround times comparable to off the shelf suppliers. Concentrating superior technical skills with world-class customer service has allowed o2si to make that idea a reality and become a leader in the environmental standards industry. This commitment to excellence has driven our growth into expanded markets, including organic and inorganic calibration standards, innovative laboratory products and specialty reagents and solutions. Across the globe, o2si is recognized as a leader in these product areas.